Nordson SELECT has Successfully Pioneered Groundbreaking Two Segment Board Handling Technology

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Nordson SELECT, a Nordson company, is pleased to announce it has successfully launched two segment board handling technology allowing in-line selective soldering of printed circuit boards without the boards being panelized or requiring tooling.  Nordson SELECT pioneered the development of this groundbreaking technology which is now being copied by other selective soldering manufacturers.

The 2segment configuration is equipped with dual fluxers and dual solder pots and can solder two singulated boards in a parallel mode in-line with the conveyor direction.  This allows the selective soldering system to solder two printed circuit boards at the same time without the need for the boards to be in a panel or palletized allowing the machine to sequentially process two boards at the same time without requiring tooling whatsoever.

The 2segment configuration provides a high degree of flexibility and throughput and can be operated in any of three different modes.  Customers can choose between three different operating modes—single, parallel or sequential mode.

  • Single panels with multi size solder nozzles operated with a single board stopper providing single board processing with one or two different sized solder nozzles.
  • Single panels with two solder nozzles in parallel operated with a single board stopper allows simultaneous soldering of one board or panel with two nozzles operating in parallel.
  • Single panel with two solder nozzles in parallel operated with two stoppers allowing sequential soldering of two singulated boards without the need for boards to be in a panel, be palletized or require tooling.

This unique two segment board handing technology is available on Nordson SELECT Cerno® 508.1 and Integra® 508.2, 508.3, 508.4 and 508.5 models.



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