Meet with the 'Heat to Data' Experts at APEX: Visit KIC in Booth #1126

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KIC announced that it will exhibit in Booth #1126 at the 2020 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 4-6, 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center in California. The Heat To Data Experts, KIC will offer solutions for reflow, wave and curing thermal problems. Attendees are invited to bring problems and future concerns to Booth #1126 and KIC’s experts will work to find and demonstrate solutions.

Are any of these your challenges?

  • Too many NPIs to setup
  • Running profiles too often
  • Voiding
  • Getting AND staying in-spec for challenging assemblies
  • Downtime
  • Profile Audits
  • Wrong oven recipe loaded
  • Guaranteed process control through the reflow, wave, curing process
  • Barcoding/traceability
  • MES connectivity
  • Data analytics
  • Rework 

KIC’s automatic profiling system and complete thermal ecosystem has these solutions and more.

Have SPI and AOI but not RPI? Find out what you’re missing without Reflow Process Inspection. With RPI i4.0, and KIC’s NPI and process setup tools, all relevant data can connect to the factory MES or your factory data collection system to be easily analyzed and shared with personnel for clear factory analytics, optimization and corrective action.

Move toward the future of line connectivity, flexible production, machine learning and real-time insight. Visit KIC at Booth # 1126 at the IPC APEX EXPO or call +1.858-673-6050. For more information about KIC, visit



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