TAKAYA 10-Probe Fixtureless Test Technology on Exhibit at APEX 2020

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TEXMAC will exhibit the latest TAKAYA technology for fixtureless testing at the upcoming APEX 2020 conference and show in San Diego in February. On exhibit will be two systems, their model APT-1600FD double-sided flying probe test system and the APT-1400F series, both in booth #2347. TEXMAC USA is TAKAYA’s North American distributor.

The remarkable APT-1600FD Advanced Flying Probe test system employs 10 flying probes to provide fixtureless electrical testing that includes optical inspection and LED color and luminous verification on both sides of the board simultaneously. Its new 10-flying-Z-axis design includes 4 vertical flying probes that provide unequalled access to test points where conventional angled probes cannot make contact. It also incorporates state-of-the-art motor drive, high-end precision instrumentation on the test head, and advanced vision systems, all to provide the fastest, highest and most accurate fault coverage and throughput. Major new capabilities include NSW (Net Signal Wave) for significantly decreasing test time, and a Laser Displacement Measurement System for detecting variances in component heights and to provide compensation for board warpage.

In addition to the APT-1600FD, The APT-1400F-A single-side automated flying probe test system will be demonstrated interfaced with a Nutek board loader. This configuration offers the option for the system to automatically accept the board under test from a board loader or directly from a conveyor.

The TAKAYA APT-1400F series flying probe test systems for assembled PCBAs can double the throughput of existing models, making it the industry’s fastest flying-probe test system.  Both the single- and dual-sided mobile probe systems can be optionally equipped with LED Color Sensors that enable the functional testing of LEDs. Color spectrum (RGB) and Luminance parameters of the LED can be verified to ensure that component specifications are met.



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