KIC Helps to Make Widespread CFX Implementation a Reality

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KIC announced that it was a Factory Line Participant in the CFX line running live at the recent IPC APEX EXPO. Visitors to the IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego were able to visit an integrated CFX line to learn more about this standard and how it may be easily adopted. A companysmall, medium or largecan begin live data collection and analytics with immediate results. KIC, a member of the CFX committee, is a CFX supporter and equipment supplier.

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Connectivity is now a common part of the conversation about improving the manufacturing enterprise. However, there is still today much confusion and uncertainty. The main concerns are: ‘Why do I need to implement this when everything is going fine?’ and ‘The cost is very high and we don’t have the resources needed.’ This is why IPC’s new standard 2581, CFX 2-17– Connected Factory Exchange was designed.

MB Allen, KIC’s Manager of Application and Sales, stated: “CFX offers companies the tools to begin collecting data on a smaller scale at a low price. They may evaluate what data is useful and then step through the parts of their manufacturing process little by little instead of spending so much money on large projects and then figuring out what to do with all the data. Now they can make smart choices and reap the benefits, such as: immediate corrective action, consistent high quality, production planning lower production costs - higher profits, more competitive operations and happy customers.”

Using the IPC CFX standard offers the lowest cost to entry and lowest risk solution for implementation of Smart Factory. KIC supports this and offers the tools to provide all the product data during the reflow process. The activity and inquiries are significantly higher than in past years and KIC is excited that customer planning for implementation of CFX widespread is now a reality.

Move toward the future of Smart Factory integration with line connectivity, flexible production, traceability, data analytics, process transparency/control, machine learning and real-time insight. For more information about KIC, visit


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