An ‘Active’ Move for Ability Tec

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Manchester based Electronics Manufacturing Service provider Ability Tec announced its move from the company’s current site in Bolton, UK, to a more strategic location for manufacturing and logistics in Bury, UK.

Ability Tec will continue to offer traditional Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to its Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customer base from the company’s new location.

Manufacturing in Manchester for Manchester

It is the company’s aim to keep its customers close, with the ability to continuously grow with them.  The team within Ability Tec strongly believes that doing business at a local and regional level allows for long-term and sustainable relationships to form and develop.  A locally managed supply chain enables transparency and simplicity, both vital for electronics manufacturing speed and efficiency.

Manned by Manchester

One of the key critical success factors for Ability Tec has been the desire to boost the local economy by employing local people.  The work ethic that exists within Manchester, the Industrial Capital of the North, is well known throughout the UK and is second to none.  Connecting local people to local businesses means a shared set of cultures and values, which is of mutual benefit to all.

Oli Randell, Managing Director of Ability Tec comments; “Our business mantra is to make the electronics manufacturing process easy for all. Manchester has always been at the cutting edge in manufacturing. Inclusion is next. We endorse our community by empowering all to contribute to society.  We moved into our purpose-built electronics manufacturing facility considering our customers, suppliers, and team members’ needs, as we placed one brick on top of the other to create a new and unique space, dedicated to product realisation.

We are often asked, what makes us different, and the answer is simple, we are an integrated manufacturing provider that enables partners to grow by offering in-house prototyping, Design for Manufacture (DFM), manufacturing, logistics capabilities, resources, and our very own people power.  People make the difference, as does our culture to just ‘never stop making.’

We aim to make it as easy as possible to do business with us, which is why we have invested in our new facility to ensure it is one of the most modern, automated, and well-equipped electronic manufacturing sites for a company our size or within our Tier level.  In moving with changing times, the need for speed, new product introduction (NPI), production, performance, efficiency and accuracy, we use automated processes seamlessly with manual intervention in both manufacture and inspection.

Our new facility enables us to stand out from the crowd even further, especially during these challenging times, when investments are limited to none. We’d like to invite all interested parties to experience this new wave in UK electronics manufacturing.”



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