ECD Launches Online Thermal Profiling Course

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Thermal profiling pioneer ECD has developed a five-module course that provides electronic assembly specialists with a thorough overview of thermal profiling basics. Designed as an introductory tool for new operators or a fundamentals refresher for seasoned engineers, ECD’s Thermal Profiling course, which only recently went live, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

“It’s not uncommon for assembly professionals to become reliant on past routines when it comes to thermal profiling parameters, optimization and tool selection,” explains ECD Electronics Division Manager, Mark Waterman. “While that can be adequate in some situations, it’s not an ideal long-term recipe for ensuring process quality and efficiency. This course allows participants to brush up on all aspects of thermal profiling, re-visit assumptions and, if they’re new to electronics, learn the fundamentals to ensure a good foundational understanding.”

Segmented into five modules, the ECD Thermal Profiling course has been developed by the industry’s most knowledgeable experts on the subject – the engineers who established in-transit thermal profiling technology. Participants are encouraged to digest the coursework in numeric order, as each module builds on the other, but can opt-in to specific modules of interest if they choose. To date, over 250 people have registered to take the course and more than 50 have completed it in its entirety.

Bob Schnyder, ECD VP of Sales and Marketing, says the development of the course was a labor of love. “The team at ECD is passionate about process control solutions and thermal profiling is top among our core competencies. From the start, we wanted to make this resource widely available to all electronics professionals. It’s free, easy to access and can be completed as a participant’s schedule allows. Hopefully, it helps improve thermal processes around the world!” In addition to the free thermal profiling course, ECD has developed several informative white papers over the last year. Topics range from the myths around MSD dry storage, understanding the impact of heat flow on reflow, oven versus product profiling, and many others. Like the course, the ECD white papers are a complimentary resource. To register and take the ECD Thermal Profiling course or download a white paper, visit ECD online.



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