Burak Aksoy: An Update on DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive

On June 10, Nolan Johnson spoke with Burak Aksoy, technical service and development scientist for Dow Silicones. Aksoy updated Johnson on the recent introduction of DOWSIL EA-3838, a fast-curing adhesive formulated for use in industrial manufacturing and assembly applications.

Aksoy detailed the performance characteristics for DOWSIL EA-3838 and its ideal target applications and packaging/delivery methods. He also pointed out that EA-3838 “results in tremendous efficiency improvements” on the production line, as well as the ability to adjust set times through mixing ratios. Johnson asked Aksoy about a recently held product webinar, in addition to future scheduled webinars, to help customers learn more about the product.

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Audio Transcript:

Nolan Johnson: Hi, Nolan Johnson here for I-Connect007. Today, I’m speaking with technical service and development scientist for Dow Silicones, Burak Aksoy. Burak, thanks for joining me on this call.

Burak Aksoy: Thank you very much for hosting me, Nolan.

Johnson: The reason we’re talking is that Dow Silicones recently announced a new silicone adhesive, DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive. Tell us about this product.

Aksoy: DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive is an advanced two-component silicone adhesive that cures very rapidly—under five minutes—and develops very early primerless adhesion on various substrates, including many plastics. With its flexible mixing ratio, it results in improved productivity at room temperature for the manufacturing of appliances, automotive electronics, lighting, and avionics. 

It provides great bonding and sealing performance for components with different thermal expansion rates. This high-throughput material is suitable for a very wide range of end-uses, including bonding the window glasses of oven doors to frames, bonding door gaskets to refrigerators, bonding metal to plastic for dishwasher bases, and display bonding in automotive infotainment systems. Our new DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive is available globally.

Johnson: Your announcement outlines a wide variety of applications for DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive, some of which you’ve just outlined. How can it help manufacturers?

Aksoy: DOWSIL EA-3838 helps manufacturers at different levels. It helps them to achieve a lower carbon footprint and a more sustainable production process. Thanks to its fast cure speed at room temperature, it eliminates the costly heating needs to accelerate the curing process. This provides great advantages in equipment and energy costs. 

In addition to that, it results in tremendous efficiency improvements with the same production lines thanks to its early primerless adhesion on various substrates and its very high throughput allowed by its fast cure. This means a very advantageous cost in use for our customers. 

The easiness to handle the volumetric mixing ratio eases the processing. For bonding applications that require expanded open times to support repositioning, variable mixing ratios—such as 3:1 or 4:1—can be used. It is really a flexible product. 

The adhesive’s versatile performance enables job site managers to reduce the number of products they typically need to order, store, and handle. This makes the cost of ownership very advantageous. Also, aside from pails or drums, it comes in convenient cartridge kits that are easy to transport for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.

Johnson: You hosted a webinar on April 28, discussing this new product. How did the event go? 

Aksoy: The event went very well. It was well-attended and well-received. The lengthy Q&A session after the webinar presentation revealed that there is great interest from the industry in this technology. We have already kicked off quite a number of promising projects. 

Johnson: Will there be additional webinars for interested/potential customers? 

Aksoy: Yes, Dow plans to host more webinars this year. For example, next week, we have two webinars in local languages for our customers in Latin America to learn more about our new fast adhesive. We’ve utilized webinars for many years and have found them to be an effective platform for reaching our customers and allow them to gain new insight into our product lines. 

Johnson: Can you tell us what customers are saying about DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive?

Aksoy: So far, customers are pleased with the way DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive achieves the right balance of properties and better bonding performance. They like the increased efficiency in overall business operations. 

With its fast cure speed at room temperature, high-performance DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive achieves bond strength in just five minutes without any heating. Homogenous curing throughout the adhesive cross-section promotes greater reliability. Our customers see EA-3838 as a potential solution to improve their sustainability performance and to lower their carbon footprint. They love the fact that they can achieve all these with additional Operational cost savings in their manufacturing process thanks to EA-3838’s high-throughput.

DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive’s flexible mixing ratio provides the processing flexibility that appliance manufacturers and other industries need. They can use the same product for a very wide range of different needs. They see it as a solution which fits all their important needs. The initial testing and prototyping processes also became much faster and straight forward, thanks to the CRT kit availability.

Johnson: Burak, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today about DOWSIL EA-3838 Fast Adhesive.

Aksoy: I encourage all our customers to reach out to us if they are interested in this product via our webpage. Thank you, Nolan.

Johnson: Once again, I’m Nolan Johnson with I-Connect007. I’ve been speaking with Burak Aksoy, technical service and development scientist for Dow Silicones. Thanks for listening.




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