Altus Introduces a Smart Board Handling Solution

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As manufacturers look toward improving production processes, Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, is seeing a growing interest in solutions that can be integrated into a ‘lights-out’ production driven by the Industry 4.0 ideal. Aligning with these processes is YJ Link’s updated board handling solution ready to launch in July.

The improved Y series board handling solution includes new build structure improvements including an auto-width adjustment as standard. A touch screen has also been incorporated and can be simply applied for ease of use. Internally the enhanced machine has been improved with a new belt drive design, entry rails and wiring duct composition.

Controlling the flow of PCB is essential in an automatic assembly line. The new features incorporated into the YJ Link Y series board handling machine makes it possible for the process to work consistently and efficiently and achieve the highest possible throughput of the line.

“Board handling is an important investment to automate an SMT line. By incorporating the correct equipment there will be an increase in production, profitability and ROI therefore selecting the right solution is important,” said Mike Todd, Quality & Operations Manager.

“The new Y series board handling machine from YJ Link has been updated to ensure it effectively improves production and works within an automated environment. There are several tweaks which have improved the machine even further making it more efficient in handling PCBs on a SMT line. We will be introducing our customers to the Y series board handling solution once it is launched next month. We have already received interest in the updated equipment, so we are sure it is going to be a popular addition to our portfolio.”

YJ Link & their handling solutions have become especially popular in the UK & Ireland over the last years with many OEM & CEM manufacturers selecting the Korean brand on their respective AVLs due to their relatively lower cost and high quality. With the upcoming launch of the new series of handling alongside the brand new YLM Laser, they are looking to increase the pressure again on their competitors by giving even more reasons to choose YJ Link. 



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