Minister Glenn Butcher Launches New Elexon Facility

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Elexon Electronics’ CEO Frank Faller was joined by the Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing Glenn Butcher and Nikki Boyd Member for Pine Rivers to unveil and launch the new intelligent factory line.

“Pre COVID-19 the company had growing demand from customers who were wishing to manufacture onshore,” Mr Faller said.

“In order to expand our production capabilities, Elexon Electronics heavily invested in a state-of-the-art, automated surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment from the leading European electronics machinery producers Mycronic and Asscon. The intelligent material handling system and an X-Ray inspection for ultimate quality assurance set us apart from the competition”, Mr Faller said.

The purchase of the Industry 4.0 facility was possible thanks to a generous grant from the Queensland Government. The investment enables Elexon Electronics to reach new markets including aerospace and the defence industry that require fast and versatile production with impeccable precision and integrity of final products.

Made in Queensland

The Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Glenn Butcher said Elexon Electronics received $890,325 from the $46 million Made in Queensland program to introduce leading-edge electronics manufacturing equipment and transform the business into an intelligent 4.0 factory.

“Elexon is a great example of how this government is helping to bolster Queensland manufacturers to unite and recover through tough economic times like what we’re seeing in Covid-19,” Mr Butcher said.

Mr Faller confirmed the Made in Queensland grant not only helped to keep existing manufacturing jobs in Queensland but also empowers Elexon to assist other domestic businesses to re-shore some of their products and have them manufactured locally.”

Thanks to the investment Elexon Electronics created new work positions and upskilled existing staff.



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