JAVAD EMS Celebrates First Anniversary of Vietnam Office

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JAVAD EMS (JEMS), a leading global EMS company that provides low- to medium-volume, high-mix applications, is pleased to announce the one-year anniversary since the opening of its office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The staff was recruited and the office officially opened on August 1, 2019. 

After years of increased sourcing of machined parts from suppliers in Vietnam dating back to 2017, JEMS started on the journey of opening a small office in Vietnam that could support front-end activities including data entry, documentation and programming. Currently there are six staff members supporting the front-end activities for the company’s San Jose site. Outside of the obvious cost advantages, the office is able to support and perform tasks while the San Jose is not operational at night, allowing for much faster turnaround time on implementing these tasks into the system such that the SJ site can begin production the next day. As a high mix low to medium volume production facility, any opportunity to reduce time necessary to get product on and off the production lines is critical to the success of the facility. 

Gary Walker, Vice President of JEMS, stated: “With each day we look at tasks that could be better supported by the Vietnam office, allowing the San Jose site to focus their efforts on more value-add processes and procedures. By doing so we can continue to grow our business while mitigating as much as possible the need to add support staff in a very tight and expensive labor market in San Jose.”

“With COVID-19 taking root in early 2020 and as such the elimination of travel this year, it has shown us that the remote office is very technically sound and more than capable of operating efficiently from a distance,” added Walker. “I am very proud of what we have accomplished to-date and that is a testament to both the Vietnam and San Jose sites working collaboratively to make this a success.”



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