Manncorp Boosts Ability to Buy Online

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Manncorp is now offering the convenience of online purchasing with added benefits of support from equipment specialists and online-buying discounts that may not be available from alternative sources.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses like Manncorp have had to adapt as in-person visitations have been reduced due to travel limitations or company visitation restrictions. As a result, offering more services online has become essential.

Procuring dependable equipment has become increasingly difficult during this volatile time. At the same time, the process of bringing production in-house has also become complicated due to in-person installations being limited. To eliminate the issue of customers trading quality assistance for ease of buying online from unreliable suppliers, Manncorp is offering the convenience of online purchasing and offering added support from experts. 

Buying SMT equipment is not as simple as a quick search online. There are bills of materials to evaluate, space requirements to consider, installation specifications to handle, and many other details that make typical online-buying difficult for our industry. Customers who choose to buy cheaply online risk receiving broken equipment, equipment that does not meet USA specifications, or equipment that is difficult to set-up due to instructions or machine markings not being in English.

However, as online-selling becomes more popular, technology advances, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, an online solution is quickly becoming a customer requirement. While there are a lot of possible issues that could arise, the online buying process does not have to be treacherous if people purchase from a reliable company.

Manncorp is a risk-free partner for buying equipment online and bringing assembly in house. Before customers decide to buy, technicians are available to walk them through personalized equipment recommendations and help properly outfit new machines. If a customer chooses Manncorp equipment, the original buyer is protected by a lifetime support guarantee. When it comes to online buying, this extra support is a way companies can be more secure.

Even if in-person installation and assistance are not possible, the same high-quality of customer service will be offered through screen-controlling technology, an array of informative videos, and on-call experts being available to answer any questions.

Remote-location troubleshooting allows customers to still receive assistance with fine tuning pick and place machines, profiling reflow ovens, perfecting solder paste applications, and more. By balancing online-buying expediency with offering advice and top-notch services, the efficiency and quality of output can be increased for all customers.

By taking control of their PCB assembly, customers can avoid the delays caused by waiting while larger companies have their prototypes developed and their boards expedited. They can eliminate the vulnerabilities that arise from relying on outside contractors by investing in an SMT line and know they will be supported by a knowledgeable team during the process.

To receive individualized product recommendations or inquire about online-buying discounts for bringing production in-house, feel free to call 215-869-8374 (East Coast) or 215-808-6266 (West Coast), or send an email to

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For more information on remote services offered by Manncorp, check out this video.

About Manncorp

Manncorp is an American machinery company with over 50-years of experience in the technology industry. Their team takes pride in providing high-quality products and ensuring quick satisfaction for customers.



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