BTU to Present on Advanced Flux Management Technology at SMTAI

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BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for electronics manufacturing, is pleased to announce that Fred Dimock, manager of process technology, and Paul Richter, Solar Applications Specialist, will present during SMTA International. The On-Demand Conference & Expo will take place September 28-October 23, 2020. The BTU team will present two papers during the On-Demand Conference.

Richter will present “High Efficiency, Low Maintenance Flux Removal Method for Solder Reflow Furnaces” during the Manufacturing Excellence (MFX) track.

Dimock will present “Flux and Flux Management in a Nitrogen Reflow Oven” during the Flux, Solder, Adhesives (FSA) track.

A multi-talented, hands-on scientist/engineer, Richter is experienced in materials, product and process development. He is an inventor with 15 US patents and applications in the fields of: material processing, electronic materials, touch sensor devices, fuel cell devices and mechanical design. Richter holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Dimock holds an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design from Wentworth in Boston and a Bachelor Degree in Ceramic Engineering from the State University of New York at Alfred (SUNY). He has been recognized with a Distinguished Speaker status at SMTA Guadalajara and received several Best Vendor Presentation awards at the SMTA East China conferences.



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