SEC Expands Demonstration Center within Korean Headquarters

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X-ray inspection specialists, SEC Ltd. operates a demonstration center at its Korean headquarters equipped with X-ray equipment for each type of application. Customers will now be able to experience the various SEC X-ray equipment for their specific applications at the demonstration center.

With the demonstration center, customers will have access to large-scale die casting enabled PCT equipment that can inspect a variety of samples. Due to the coronavirus, SEC foresees visitation limitations of customers, and hence will, provide a non-contact X-ray inspection service and send relevant reports to customers upon request. 

SEC offers inspection for the following applications: Automotive, Mobile (Smart Device), Semiconductor (Wafer level, Substrate, PKG chip), and Li-ion Battery, SMT (QFN, QFP, PCB, BGA) amongst others. More are targeted at the detail-conscious, boasting the world’s fastest speed, high-resolution 3D CT AXI ‘X-eye 6300 AXI’, with the precise analyzing and mass production inspection capable 2D / 3D inspection equipment ‘X-eye160NCT’, the easy-analysis and mass production inspection capable 2D inspection equipment ‘X-eye5000N’, the large scale inspection and maximum 450kV of high energy X-ray inspection equipment ‘PCT’ all to be revealed.

Apart from these, you can find and experience the various equipment at SEC for TSV, Micro-bump induced µm-sized micro faulty particle inspecting ‘NANO-CT’ and the SF160FCT, 6100AXI, and especially Li-ion Battery run CT video images can be checked. Furthermore, faulty inspections and customers that require inspections, or customers who wish to test the equipment’s capabilities, can be arranged for sample demo as per their respective requirements.

Tabletop SEM and LINAC are available for development and production, and respective demonstration services can be used. The Chinese headquarters, European branches and American branches will include demonstration centers that run component models of X-ray equipment and tabletop SEM.

Demonstration equipment has been installed in North America at Technica USA (SEC’s Western region partner) in San Jose, CA, and, hence, inspections can be performed on the spot. Installed equipment includes the SF160FCT and the submicron, high-resolution 3D CT. To request a demonstration, customers may contact SEC’s American branch. European and Chinese regions may use demonstration centers in the same way.

An SEC representative commented, “The demonstration centers are areas that can be experienced through SEC’s particularly distinct buildup of 20 years of expertise and unrivalled technical skills. Additionally, the opinion of the visitors of the center are more intimate onsite, and the willingness to construct cooperation is precise. There is a great expectation for the production of detailed inspection equipment.”



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