Incap UK Named Most Innovative Electronics Producer in Europe

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Incap Electronics UK was named the most innovative electronics producer in Europe by Corporate LiveWire at the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020. Corporate LiveWire selects award-winners based on changing the world in some way, both in large and small quantities by creating new technologies, setting new trends, and evolving industry standards. 

Jamie Maughan, managing director of Incap Electronics UK stated that the company appreciates this recognition very much. “We take great pride in our entrepreneurial culture, that fosters innovation, keeps our personnel motivated and enables us to bring value to our customers. I am glad to see that this has been noticed and rewarded by Corporate Live Wire,” Maughan added. 

The judges at Corporate LiveWire take multiple aspects of success into account when choosing their winners, which range from marketing strategies to eye-opening insights. The Corporate LiveWire judges were particularly impressed with Incap´s ability to make decisions quickly and remain flexible to the demands of a constantly changing marketplace. The judges praised Incap for always affording the customers and partners the opportunity to meet with decision-makers, making process agile, efficient, and adaptable. Incap provides fast and bespoke solutions, with state-of-the-art technology backed up by entrepreneurial culture and highly qualified personnel.

The Corporate LiveWire Judge Andrew Walsh commented: “Having displayed a consistent excellence at fostering long term relationships with both customers and employees, Incap has the technical capability to support any market sector with a need for electronics or electro-mechanical products.”



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