MaRC Technologies’ 25th Year as Leading Rep in the Pacific Northwest

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MaRC Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturers’ representative in the Pacific Northwest, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Mike Gunderson, President of MaRC Technologies and MaRCTech2, founded the company in 1995. MaRC Technologies has continued to change and grow over the years, but the company’s focus has always had that of a ‘customer centric’ approach.

Gunderson stated, “Starting in 1995 we partnered with Tom Eble of The Doland Company and three years later arranged to purchase his company. Today we have added our tenth person, between the two companies, and are increasing our coverage in Northern California for this upcoming year.”

MaRC Technologies is a specialized supplier of tools and supplies for the electronics manufacturing and high-tech industry. Mike Gunderson and the team at MaRC Technologies provide sales and service for customers in the Pacific Northwestern states of: Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California.

MaRC Technologies supplies equipment and consumables from some of the best-known names in the industry, including Juki, Kurtz Ersa, Inc., BTU International, Insituware, Nordson Companies, Aegis, KYZEN and more.

“We have continued to grow our companies through long-term partnerships with our principals and a history of trusted service for our customers,” added Gunderson.



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