IPC Releases IPC-7093A, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BTCs

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The long-awaited release of IPC-7093A, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Termination Components (BTCs) is here. Revision A is a complete overhaul of IPC-7093 which provides design and assembly guidance for implementing BTCs and focuses on critical design, materials, assembly, inspection, repair, quality, and reliability issues.             

IPC-7093A includes a step-by-step process on how to design and incorporate BTCs into any card layout. Comprehensive descriptions on how to successfully implement robust designs and assembly processes and troubleshooting guidance for common anomalies which can occur during BTC assembly are included.

Revision A adds state-of-the-art guidance on critical elements for thermal pad design, thermal via usage, stencil design, assembly recommendations, reliability considerations, known issues/ defects to avoid. The standard’s multiple design point options enable reliable BTC designs.

The standard is ideal for anyone involved with physical design, process and reliability engineers or managers who are responsible for design, assembly, inspection, and repair processes.

“BTCs are in integral part of electronic designs today,” stated Matt Kelly, IPC chief technologist. “With increased product functionality, device miniaturization, and increased power consumption the need for optimized thermal management has never been higher.”       



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