Emerging Engineers: Raviteja Boyana

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I am a newly graduated mechanical engineer with a specialization in in electronics packaging (assembly) and reliability of electronics from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. I have been associated with IPC for the past two years through their local student chapter at my university. In my first semester, while I was transitioning myself from the mechanical engineering background to the semiconductor manufacturing industry, I was looking for opportunities to connect and learn from industry professionals about their journey in the electronics industry and how they benefitted by being part of the IPC organization.

Later I learned that the IPC supports students through their scholarship program. I had enrolled as a student member and had applied for the scholarship program. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to hear back but I was surprised when I received an email stating that my profile was selected among the 30 scholarship winners of all the applicants in 2019. Not only did the scholarship help me reduce the financial burden, but it was also a source of encouragement that motivated me to explore more opportunities within the organization.

I also took up the leadership role as the secretary of communications for IPC, SMTA and iMaps student chapters at the University of Maryland during the academic year 2020–21. I was asked to share some insights for the new engineers looking to make their way into the electronics industry. Through this interview, I received a lot of engagement from the LinkedIn community, and it helped in building professional relations with experts in similar fields.

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