NOTE Growing Further with a New Customer within Greentech

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NOTE has signed a partnership agreement with Ferroamp, which is a listed fast-growing Greentech company that offers unique energy- and effect optimizing solution for real estate. NOTE will manufacture the EnergyHub unit, which is the core of the smart system that integrates renewable energy, electric vehicles, energy storage, and connections to the grid in buildings. The batch production is expected to start during Q4 this year at NOTE’s plants in Norrtälje and Pärnu. The conditions are deemed to be good that the partnership with Ferroamp will develop positively in terms of volume.

“NOTE continues to develop strongly with very high growth and increased profitability. An important success factor is our methodological investment in developing high quality and delivery precision in our services. It is gratifying that we have also gained trust and won this exciting new deal with Ferroamp”, says Johannes Lind-Widestam, CEO and President. 

“The partnership with NOTE is an important step in our continued industrialization of the company, when we go from being limited by the production to scalable volume production. The partnership with NOTE, which is a well-established electronic contract manufacturer, provides us the capacity to grow our business further, both on the domestic and international markets”, says Krister Werner, CEO at Ferroamp.


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