MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions to Participate at Soldering Forum 2021 in Partnership with smartTec

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The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, will participate at the upcoming Soldering Forum 2021 hosted by its ALPHA product distributor for Germany, Austria, and Nordic, smartTec GmbH from October 5th-7th in Rodgau, Germany.

The forum, which will be held at smartTec’s Soldering Competency Center Europe, will focus on the current challenges and trends in the assembly industry as well as providing solutions to common assembly issues. Ralph Christ, Customer Technical Support Manager DACH at MacDermid Alpha, will present the latest developments in low temperature soldering alloys from ALPHA, alongside solutions for issues such as voiding.

Live demonstrations will also take place including how to avoid design and printing errors using ALPHA Stencil technologies and dispense demonstrations using the ALPHA HiTech range of polymer materials.

"After a challenging 18 months the forum is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with leaders in the SMT industry. 14 seminars in the last 7 years prove the strong partnership between smartTec and ALPHA. ¨ comments Christian Borgert, Sales Manager DACH at MacDermid Alpha. ¨MacDermid Alpha’s latest technology innovations will be presented at the forum including revolutionary low temperature solutions, high accuracy stencil products and the ALPHA HiTech range of high reliability underfills, edgebonds, adhesives and encapsulants¨.

MacDermid Alpha and smartTec have been in partnership since 2014 with smartTec distributing ALPHA products throughout Germany, Austria, and Nordic. “Since its foundation in 2014 the Soldering Competence Center Europe, a division of smartTec GmbH, holds its 15th major event. In cooperation with the partners MacDermid Alpha, Nordson Select, Nordson X-Ray, and OKI presentations and demos will showcase manyfold solutions for challenges in soldering at smartTec’s headquarters in Rodgau, Germany.” says Uwe Geisler, owner and CEO of smartTec GmbH. “With almost 80 registrations already I am really looking forward to this interesting event rich of topics.” 

To register for the Soldering Forum please visit the smartTec website. For more information on ALPHA soldering products and solutions visit:


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