Learn How to Avoid Solder Defects With New Book Authored by Indium Corporation

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The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to… Solder Defects—the latest title in the I-007eBook library—is specifically dedicated to educating the printed circuit board assembly sector and serves as a valuable resource for people seeking the most relevant information available. 

Solder defects in surface-mount assembly have been an issue for decades. The combined challenges of Pb-free soldering and ever-increasing miniaturization have resulted in new or exacerbated defects in electronics assembly, but there are proven ways to avoid these defects. 

Chris Nash.JPGIndium Corporation’s Christopher Nash and Dr. Ronald C. Lasky address the top six defects, as well as how to avoid them. This includes minimizing voiding, head-in-pillow and non-wet opens, and tombstoning of passive components. 

According to industry veteran Joe O’Neil, former owner/CEO of Hunter Technology, The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to…Solder Defects is “an outstanding summary of the whys and hows of paste theory, defect causation, and recommended best practices. This short read contains real-world advice from the experts. I highly recommend it for anyone involved in the PCB assembly process.” 

Indium_book.jpgThis book will be especially beneficial to PCB assemblers in improving their assembly processes and the reliability of the end-product, eliminating field failures, and reducing costs. 

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We hope you enjoy The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to…Solder Defects. 

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