Indium Corporation Products ‘Live@SMTAI’

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Indium Corporation will feature its proven solder solutions live on the show floor throughout SMTA International from Nov. 1-4 in Minneapolis, Minn., USA.

Live@SMTAI is a collaboration between Indium Corporation and its industry partners. The program benefits all participants, including Indium Corporation, its industry partners, and, most importantly, the customers who get to experience the equipment and materials in a live-action environment.

This year’s program will highlight Indium Corporation materials, including: 

  • CORE 230-RC flux-cored wire
  • Durafuse™ LT, patent-pending low-temperature alloy system
  • Indium8.9HF Solder Paste
  • Indium12.8HF microdispense and jetting solder paste
  • Sn995 solder wire

You can see these products at the following partner booths: 

  • ASM (booth #3025)
  • ITW EAE (booth #3425)
  • JBC Tools (booth #3129)
  • KOH Young America (booth #3319)
  • KYZEN (booth #3325)
  • Mycronic (booth #3213)
  • NSW Automation (booth #3339)
  • PARMI USA (booth #3116)
  • Pillarhouse (booth #3324)
  • Trans-Tec America/Yamaha (booth #3113)
  • ZESTRON Corporation (booth #3207)

By demonstrating Indium Corporation products on live equipment at the SMTAI show, attendees get an accurate and honest depiction of the material’s performance. If you see an Indium Corporation product running in a booth, be sure to Tweet and tag @IndiumCorp or use the hashtag #LiveatSMTAI.

SMTA International is co-located with MD&M Minneapolis.



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