Celestica Reaffirms Fourth Quarter 2021 Guidance

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Celestica Inc., a leader in design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions for the world's most innovative companies, announced that it is reaffirming its financial guidance for the fourth quarter of 2021, provided on October 25, 2021 in its third quarter of 2021 earnings release under the caption “Q4 2021 Guidance”.

“Despite the unique challenges presented by the constraints on global supply chains, the demand backdrop and mix of business remains strong across the majority of our end markets, and the great work of our entire global team has allowed us to continue to execute. Based on these factors, we are reaffirming our guidance for Q4 2021,” said Rob Mionis, President and CEO, Celestica. “As we approach the end of our fiscal year, we remain firmly on track to achieving our goals of returning to top-line growth and realizing a record quarterly non-IFRS operating margin. Additionally, our outlook continues to be positive heading into 2022.”

“From an operational perspective, I am encouraged by our team’s efforts to help navigate our business through a dynamic environment,” he continued. “Their commitment and persistence have allowed us to continue to support the needs of our customers, execute on our strategic objectives and deliver solid performance throughout 2021.”



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