Element Solutions Named One of America’s Most Responsible Companies

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Element Solutions Inc a global and diversified specialty chemicals company, has been recognized as one of “America’s Most Responsible Companies” for 2022 by Newsweek Magazine. The company ranked #46 overall in the list and #9 within the Materials and Chemicals industry classification.

Ben Gliklich, CEO of Element Solutions said, “We are very proud to be recognized for the emphasis we place on environmental sustainability and community engagement within our business. We take our responsibility to a broader universe of stakeholders seriously, and the energy we put behind these efforts drives value for our customers and colleagues. Our technology offerings help many of our customers achieve their own sustainability goals and our diversity, inclusion, and community engagement initiatives improve the communities we operate in day by day. It is wonderful to see Newsweek acknowledging the actions we have taken to enable a better world.” Gliklich continued, “Despite our progress, we are still early in our journey. We look forward to continuing to drive a positive impact for our employees, customers, and investors in the years to come.”

Newsweek's list of America's Most Responsible Companies considered 2,000 of the largest US-headquartered public companies. Newsweek conducted a holistic analysis based on publicly available environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and a survey of 11,000 participants and their perception related to the companies’ ESG performance. The 2,000 companies were evaluated across 14 industries.



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