Naprotek to Showcase Centers of Excellence at IMS 2022

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Naprotek, LLC, a leading provider of high-reliability, quick-turn electronics manufacturing, announces participation in International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2022 in Booth #12030, from June 20-24 in Denver, Colorado.

Naprotek has grown significantly to offer RF products and expanded services as a result of recent acquisitions of SemiGen and NexLogic. The company’s new platform for growth is designed to strategically support customer roadmaps. As a core building block, the RF product lines include a mix of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, complimented with a series of derivative, and custom parts. The manufacturing elements include both RF/Microwave Assembly (MicroE) and Surface Mount Technologies for modules, PCBA’s, sub-assemblies and box-build integration. Distinguishing the company’s unique offering with its ability to support integrated microwave assemblies (IMA), multi-chip modules (MCM) and chip-on-board (COB), with mixed technology solutions from assembly and test, through environmental screening.

“Our team is positioned to provide comprehensive electronics technology solutions for high-reliability and complex applications,” said Daniel Everitt, President and CEO of Naprotek. “Naprotek’s sophisticated and rapid engineering change management process, commitment to quality, and personalized customer service are essential elements when time-to-market is critical.”

The IMS show represents the ideal forum to present Naprotek’s platform for Integrated Electronic & RF Solutions with an emphasis on specific customer applications.  The platform spans from discrete RF Microwave Products, RF Assembly and Packaging, Surface Mount PCBA & Box Build Assembly to Integrated Module Assemblies.

“The RF Solutions team is focused on providing our customers with value from RF design, semiconductor and passive components, microelectronics assemblies, through DC,RF, and Hi-Rel testing. Understanding the turmoil within our supply chain, we have also continued to invest and expand our thin film foundry services to both enhance our capabilities and increase our capacity to further our customer commitment. We are excited to meet with customers during the IMS show to discuss their unique challenges and opportunities,” added Tim Filteau, President of SemiGen.


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