Kirby & Demarest to Represent EVS International in the Northwest

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EVS International, the leader in solder recovery, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kirby & Demarest as its newest manufacturers’ representative. Steve Kirby and Alan Siebenthall will represent EVS solder recovery systems throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Kirby & Demarest was founded in 1973 by Dave Demarest as Demarest Associates, and has been serving the Pacific Northwest microelectronic community ever since. In 1990 Steve Kirby joined the company in the Portland office and several years later took ownership as Demarest enjoyed retirement. Kirby added his name to the company resulting in the current Kirby & Demarest moniker.

In 1996 Alan Siebenthall joined the team adding unbridled enthusiasm and attention to detail to his customers’ requirements. Today Kirby & Demarest offers high technology companies an array of products utilized in the design, manufacture and test of circuit board assemblies, hybrid circuits and semiconductors. However, these products are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as it is the firm’s process knowledge, attention to detail and follow-up that sets them apart.

Kirby & Demarest is proud to offer its customers EVS’ new Solder Recovery Systems that are fully lead-free compatible. Lead-free solder is used around the world and many EVS customers are using the EVS Solder Recovery Systems on all types of lead-free alloys (SAC305, SN100C and SAC X ECT).

The price of lead-free solder is three to four times that of present leaded solder so that the savings and payback from using EVS technology has leapt forward, making solder recovery the fastest payback of all circuit board assembly capital purchases. 

“I am fortunate to live in and work in an area with lots of natural beauty and customers who appreciate it and want to protect it as much as I do,” commented Siebenthall. The recovery systems from EVS are one more tool to achieve that goal.”


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