ViTrox Partnering with Compmaq in Introducing SMT PCBA Vision Inspection Solutions to Brazilian Market

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ViTrox Technologies, aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company in providing innovative, leading-edge and cost-effective automated vision inspection solutions and system-on-chip embedded electronics devices for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, is delighted to announce Compmaq (Subsidiaries of Interbras Group), as ViTrox’s Sales Channel Partner (SCP) for Brazil region starting 1st of June, 2022.

ViTrox offers intelligent, advanced and comprehensive solutions to worldwide customers, ranging from Middle & Back-end Semiconductor Vision Solutions, SMT PCB Assembly Vision Solutions, Electronics Communication Systems, to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions.

As the Sales Channel Partner of ViTrox, Compmaq will be representing ViTrox in selling the full turnkey solutions: V310i Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (API/SPI) series, V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) series, V810i Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection (AXI), V9i Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) and Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions (V-ONE).

ViTrox’s Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solution (API/SPI) is designed for a complete inspection of solder paste deposition during printing to secure product quality. It helps users achieve cost-effectiveness by detecting faults in the solder printing stage of the production line and improving productivity. Besides, ViTrox’s V510i AOI Solutions enable users to perform high-speed inspections through real 3D measurements. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Technology, V510i AOI Solutions offer comprehensive capabilities to enhance production efficiency and processing speed in programming, classification, buyoff, and many processes.

Moreover, ViTrox’s V810i 3D AXI is equipped with the latest technology to cater to different production environments and industry sectors such as high mix high volume with 100% test coverage on PCB inspection. Its one-line solutions such as lightning programming, A.I. tuning and A.I. VVTS buyoff solution benefit the users with a faster inspection time, with the least workforce. Furthermore, ViTrox offers V9i ARV series for both conformal coating and final inspections, a flexible inspection to automate manual visual inspection assignment.

Aside from vision solutions, ViTrox’s Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions (V-ONE), formulates real-time production process insights and data analysis with image traceability across ViTrox SMT inspection solutions, performing a Smart Factory to users.

“Compmaq is a subsidiary of the Interbras group. We have in essence the sale of solutions for electronic board manufacturing companies, endeavored by a young group of members with utmost willpower to explore business opportunities. Starting the partnership with ViTrox will enrich our portfolio and stay committed to providing excellent work for our customers.” - Compmaq.


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