Murray Percival Co. Attends Sales Training for SCHUNK

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The Murray Percival Company, the award-winning leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry, recently underwent a multiday training course with one of its leading lines, SCHUNK, the premier provider of depaneling solutions, clamping technology, and gripping systems.

SCHUNK depaneling machines, both inline and batch, are widely regarded in the industry. With the world’s most precise standalone depaneling machines, SCHUNK systems meet the most demanding requirements in today’s PCB industry. SCHUNK is the world’s only manufacturer to offer depaneling machines and flexible workpiece holder solutions from one source.

Specifically, MAGNOPLATE is a large part of what separates SCHUNK from the competition. The patented magnetic workpiece holder “MAGNOPLATE” makes custom workpiece holders redundant for many assembly groups. The MAGNOPLATE can save enormous costs for a large variety of products. 

The magnetic pins, which are in the bottom part, can be mounted with the milling spindle and a special mounting tool in the depaneling machine from SCHUNK, and placed on the workpiece holder base plate by means of separate software. The pin setting program can be easily created for each assembly group using a CAD/CAM software.  Before a product change, the pins can be removed manually and returned to the pick-up position for a new magnetic workpiece holder configuration.


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