PRIDE Industries Receives National Recognition as Top Veteran-Friendly Company

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For a second consecutive year, PRIDE Industries has been named one of the nation’s Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Companies by U.S. Veterans Magazine (USVM). The distinction publicly recognizes those entities that go above and beyond in their support of our nation’s former military personnel.

“Veterans are entrepreneurial. They’re resilient. And they’ve earned high levels of trust,” said Mona Lisa Faris, President and Publisher at U.S. Veterans Magazine. “This magazine was created to support our troops, and we at USVM are proud to recognize other businesses that are also making veterans a priority.”

As part of its “Best of the Best” evaluation process, USVM polled hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies on their veteran hiring and career support practices. Using this data as a guide, the magazine selected an elite group of companies that exemplify the magazine’s goal of increasing veteran employment.

“U.S. Veterans Magazine’s recognition of PRIDE Industries once again demonstrates our commitment to seeking and supporting veterans’ employment opportunities,” said Major General (Retired) Casey Blake, Chief Operating Officer at PRIDE Industries. “This is yet another strong validation of our steadfast commitment to gainfully employ veterans who have so faithfully served our nation with distinction and honor.”

PRIDE Industries recognizes that the experience veterans gain serving our country makes them valuable employees.  The nonprofit social enterprise, founded in 1966, currently employs hundreds of veterans in all areas of the company and has provided support and services to thousands more in the form of job readiness instruction, career coaching, and job placement assistance.

Resources for veterans include PRIDE Industries’ one-of-a-kind I AM ABLE employment helpline [(844) 426-2253], a dedicated Veterans Liaison, and a Military Skills Translator tool that helps veterans match their skills and talent to a civilian career. PRIDE Industries can also help veterans access paid internships, as well as mentoring and training programs.

 “We appreciate all the men and women who have bravely served our country,” said Frank Goehringer, Veterans Liaison at PRIDE Industries. “It is our honor to provide our veteran heroes, military spouses, guard and reserve soldiers, and their families with employment opportunities. Thank you to U.S. Veterans Magazine and to all of our veteran referral partners.”

Founded in 2011, USVM fosters employment and business opportunities within the federal government and corporate America for veterans, transitioning service members, disabled veterans, spouses, and veteran business owners. Every year, the magazine carefully evaluates the nation’s employers, initiatives, government agencies, and educational institutions. The information USVM gathers serves as a valuable resource for job seekers, business owners, students, consumers, senior management, business associations, employment agencies, and consumer groups.


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