Mycronic Receives Order for FPS10 Evo

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Mycronic AB has received an order for an FPS10 Evo from a new customer in Asia. The order value is in the range of USD $9-12 million and constitutes Mycronic’s first order for this product. Delivery of the system is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.

The FPS 10 Evo is a new product in the FPS Evo series for writing photomask to produce Fine Metal Masks, which are used in the process of depositing the organic material in OLED displays. The system enables the larger photomask size needed to produce the Fine Metal Masks required in G8 OLED display fabs, providing more cost efficient production of larger sized OLED displays than current G6 fabs.

“It is exciting to be able to add a new FPS to our product portfolio and with this attract a new customer. FPS10 Evo is our second launch of a new mask writer in 2022. With the FPS10 Evo we are able to provide an attractive solution for production of Fine Metal Masks to the growing market for larger OLED displays” says Charlott Samuelsson, Sr VP Pattern Generators at Mycronic.

Mycronic’s Pattern Generators division provides mask writers for display manufacturing and production of semiconductors.


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