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Frank_Gayle.jpgAt the recent IPC Advanced Packaging Symposium, Dr. Frank W. Gayle, deputy director of the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, an interagency team with core staff hosted at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), gave a presentation on the work NIST has recently undertaken in support of both the semiconductor and R&D sectors, and the CHIPS and Science Act. 

In Gayle’s presentation, he said the vision for the CHIPS and Science Act (also known as the CHIPS Act) is to develop and preserve three key areas: economic security, national security, and future innovation. 

He emphasized that the CHIPS Act is about more than just the semiconductor chips, reserving an entire slide for that point alone. While NIST acknowledges that the U.S. holds an impressive 85% stake in the semiconductor design market, only 3% of the global packaging industry resides within the U.S. 


In support of this mission, Gayle drew attention to a series of resources that are now available on

  • Metrology and Standards
    “Strategic Opportunities for U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing: Facilitating U.S. Leadership and Competitiveness through Advancements in Measurements and Standards,” August 2022. 
  • Stakeholder Input on CHIPS Act
    “Incentives, Infrastructure, and Research and Development Needs to Support a Strong Domestic Semiconductor Industry: Summary of Responses to Request for Information,” August 2022. 

  • Commerce Strategy for Implementation
    “A Strategy for the CHIPS for America Fund,” September 2022. 
  • Semiconductor Supply Chain RFI Findings
    “Results from Semiconductor Supply Chain Request for Information,” January 2022.

Gayle concluded that the Incentives Program application process will be announced in February 2023 with funding proposals considered on a rolling basis. Learn more about the CHIPS Act at 


  1. Data courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense and IPC.

This article originally appeared in the January 2023 issue of SMT007 Magazine.


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