Flex to Upskill Over 2,000 Employees Each Year in Jalisco, Mexico

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Flex announced the opening of a new learning center in Jalisco, Mexico that will develop more than 2,000 employees annually to improve advanced manufacturing skills. Building on Mexico’s established upskilling programs, this initiative will support the company’s expanded automotive operations in Jalisco, Mexico to accelerate the next generation of mobility.

“At Flex, we’re committed to providing a work environment with growth opportunities for our employees to prosper and investing in our team members to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experiences in a constantly evolving world,” said Federico Peñaloza, Vice President, Automotive Operations Guadalajara. “Our new learning center in Guadalajara will support the growth of our skilled employees and expand our advanced manufacturing excellence, enabling automotive customers to accelerate innovation, advance their electric vehicle roadmaps, and enable a path toward an autonomous future.”

The new learning center offers training on surface mount technology and critical manufacturing processes, including robotic assembly and automated optical inspection, required to address complex customer needs across the mobility ecosystem. These development opportunities give employees the tools and skills to boost their growth, offering a path from starter operator to a specialized senior technician, and help foster a learn and adapt environment where all employees can thrive.


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