IPC Announces New Thought Leaders Program Experts

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IPC has revamped its Thought Leaders Program (TLP) an initiative designed to “mine” key industry experts’ insight and knowledge on issues driving change within the electronics industry.

Five experts have been selected to generate ideas and insights in five areas: education and workforce; technology and innovation; the economy; key markets; and environment, health, and safety. The TLP is chaired by Mike Carano, IPC consultant, and a member of IPC’s Hall of Fame. 

New TLP member are:

  • Peter Bigelow, President and CEO, IMI Incorporated
  • Matt Holzmann, President, CGI Americas
  • Stanton Rak, Principal, SF Rak Company
  • Stephen Sweeney, Program Manager, Materials and Environmental Management, IBM
  • Hiroyuki Watanabe, Executive Director, Global Security, NEC Corporation

The Thought Leaders’ responsibilities will include providing publishable material in their subject areas; flagging opportunities for IPC engagement; and participating in quarterly roundtable discussions. Each expert is expected to fulfill at least one 12-month term, during which quarterly contributions will be expected.

“I’m honored to work with such a diverse and august group of experts,” said Mike Carano. “The program is drawing on individuals who are leaders within the electronics manufacturing industry and who also have insights into market research, trends, cybersecurity, high-tech production, emerging technologies, sustainability, business management, materials science and consulting. Our industry rapidly changes, and these experts have been assembled to provide guidance and solutions to lead and influence change toward building electronics better.”

For more information on the Thought Leaders Program, visit www.ipc.org/advocacy/ipc-thought-leaders-program.


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