Altus Extends the Reach of Essemtec to Ireland

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Following a successful partnership in the UK, Altus Group, a leading supplier and service provider of capital equipment for the electronics industry, has announced a distribution agreement with Essemtec in Ireland.

The distribution expansion with Essemtec, industry leader in adaptive SMT pick-and-place equipment and intelligent production storage and logistic systems, will enable Altus to provide its customers in Ireland with the most innovative solutions in the marketplace.

Gareth Fenton, Altus Sales Manager, Ireland, said: ‘We are delighted to be given the opportunity to expand on our success with Essemtec and now bring the equipment to reach our full territory across Ireland and the UK.”

The deal comes after a successful year in Ireland, with Altus developing new growth potential and building its customer base within the region following investment in a growing team of experts. 

“We have been working hard to offer the best service possible for our customers and prospects locally from both a pre-sales and post-sales perspective,” said Gareth.

“It is gratifying to see that all of our hard work is paying off with successful projects and further opportunities. We have ambitions to be the ‘go-to’ partner in Ireland for production support and process improvement projects. With Essemtec we now can sell full turnkey solutions to customers across SMT, as well as conventional assembly. We believe that the future is bright for our collaboration with Essemtec, who have a top-quality machines with unique attributes for companies looking for ultimate flexibility from their production line.’’

The latest equipment released by Essemtec is considered technically exceptional. Its adaptive, highly flexible SMT pick-and-place, sophisticated dosing systems for high-speed and micro-dispensing, and intelligent storage and logistics for the production material will capitalise on re-shoring production lines.


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