Koh Young’s Axel Lindloff to Speak on AI-powered Process Optimization at eSmart Factory Conference

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Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D measurement-based inspection solutions, will be speaking at the eSmart Factory conference 2023 held all day at the Sheraton Carlton Hotel in Nürnberg, Germany the day before SMTconnect. Axel Lindloff, Senior Process Specialist on the Pre-Sales Team in Koh Young Europe will speak on how A.I. supports automated process control with real-time control.

In electronics, components are shrinking, and processes are becoming more complex. Yet, manufacturers are striving for fully automated production. Using A.I., there have a solution that can simulate human decisions. In the past, A.I. needed super computers, but today the available computing power and intelligence application strategies give us new possibilities to employ A.I. in the manufacturing process. Whereas some engineers make decisions based on past experiences, A.I. is based on data. It mimics the human decision process – but in seconds, and while considering large piles of data. The presentation explores the benefits and advantages of applying A.I. in an SMT line.

The eSmart Factory conference (esmartfactory.net) provides a platform for the industry to discuss and showcase the latest innovations and solutions driving the transformation of manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0. This event will serve as a meeting point for experts to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices, fostering the development of a sustainable and efficient manufacturing ecosystem. 

The unique focus of the eSmart Factory conference 2023, is to create and discover best practices for Digital Transformation and Hyper-automation, addressing the very real challenges that manufacturing faces from all that the last few years has thrown at it.


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