Nordson Test & Inspection’s CyberOptics SQ3000+ Receives 7th Award

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Nordson Test & Inspection announced that it received a 2023 EM Innovation Award in the category of Inspection for the CyberOptics SQ3000™+ Multi-Function system for AOI, SPI and CMM. The award was announced during a ceremony held on April 14th at productronica China at the New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Shanghai. The SQ3000+, an extension of the multi-award-winning SQ3000 platform deemed best-in-class, has won a total of seven awards since its introduction.

“We are thrilled to receive our 7th award for the SQ3000+ Multi-Function inspection and metrology system for excellence in innovation,” said Perry Duffill, Vice-President of TEST & INSPECTION at Nordson Corporation. “This marks the 36th award for Multi-Reflection Suppression® (MRS®) enabled technology that our customers count on to improve their yields, processes and productivity.” 

The CyberOptics SQ3000+ is specifically designed for high-end applications including advanced packaging, mini-LED, advanced SMT, 008004/0201 SPI, socket metrology and other challenging CMM applications. The all-in-one solution for inspection and metrology offers a combination of unmatched high accuracy and high speed, with an even higher resolution MRS sensor that inhibits reflection-based distortions caused by shiny components and specular surfaces.

Established in 2006, the EM Innovation Awards program strives to recognize and celebrate excellence in the Asian electronics industry, inspiring companies to achieve the highest standards and push the industry forward.


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