Micross Acquires Technograph Microcircuits

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Micross Components, a leading provider of high-reliability microelectronic product and service solutions for aerospace, defense, space, medical, energy, industrial and other applications, announced the acquisition of Technograph Microcircuits Ltd, a leading provider of hybrid integrated circuits, RF & microwave products, optoelectronics, and PCB assembly. The acquisition further expands the Hi-Rel Products & Services portfolio of Micross.

TechnoGraph, a privately held electronics manufacturer located in Portsmouth, UK, has established itself as a best-in-class supplier serving customers in the space, aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, telecommunications, and energy end markets with a leading portfolio of advanced electronic solutions for the most demanding operating environments. Technograph provides complete solutions comprising substrate, printing, chip and wire assembly, hermetic packaging, packaging test and reliability screening, as well as obsolescence management and reverse engineering. Technograph products are designed and tested to MIL-STD-883, and the operating facility maintains ISO 9001/14001/9450 quality certifications.

"We are excited to join the Micross team and expand the range of product offerings enabled by our combined capabilities. Micross' 'One Source, One Solution,' end to end product and services model makes it a valued partner to us and our customers, who expect the highest quality microelectronic solutions. This is a winning combination of product innovation and supply chain services for our high-reliability customers." said Brian Basford, Managing Director, TechnoGraph Microcircuits, Ltd.

Vincent Buffa, Chairman & CEO of Micross, stated, "The acquisition of Technograph will greatly expand Micross' proprietary portfolio of high-reliability MCM (multi-chip-module), ASIC, and PCB products and services, which will enhance overall product performance and reduce supply chain risk for the benefit of our customers. In addition, Micross will leverage the capabilities of its design, packaging, and test services to provide our customers with greater value from our 'one source, one solution' business model, providing them with the most advanced microelectronic solutions available."


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