Kepler SignalTek Expands to New Batam, Indonesia Facility

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Kepler SignalTek was founded in 2017 by Scott Hayden, a veteran of the medical device and interconnect industries with over 35 years of experience in leadership, design, and manufacturing. Volex has been an investor in Kepler SignalTek since its startup six years ago, recently increasing its stake to 35% of the share capital. Kepler SignalTek has gone from strength to strength under Scott’s leadership, with ambitions to achieve run-rate revenues of around $30m in the next year.

The company focuses on high-performance, reusable, limited use and disposable medical device assemblies and components utilized in patient monitoring, surgical, cardiac therapy, and ultrasound imaging applications. Kepler SignalTek provides solutions for top-tier medical device manufacturers by bringing process automation, high/low volume product mix, turn-key product design, rapid prototyping with an experienced team that is unparalleled in the medical device and interconnect assembly market. From initial startup, Kepler SignalTek has grown at a rapid pace alongside Volex in this complementary market where we both hold a competitive R&D and manufacturing edge for medical product solutions.

Volex’s ongoing commitment and strategic support-based partnership with Kepler SignalTek is growing once again with the inauguration of a new custom-built manufacturing site in Batam, Indonesia.

In addition to Volex’s recent history of three major investments in its own Batam facility, the opening of Kepler SignalTek’s second manufacturing site, it’s first outside China, will provide their customers the benefits of a tariff-free, low-cost manufacturing option along with the technical expertise of its highly skilled labor pool, further making investment in Batam-based manufacturing an attractive and strategic proposition for both companies. The new Batam site will feature automated manufacturing processes and is expected to bring 400 jobs to the area raising Kepler SignalTek’s overall employee count to 800, joining Volex who currently has over 8,000 employees worldwide with 2,000 in Batam alone.

In full support of Kepler SignalTek’s standalone management team, Volex offered its comprehensive knowledge of the area, local management expertise and resources, strong relationships with local officials and suppliers, and broad-based logistical support to help lead to this momentous opportunity for Kepler SignalTek to further thrive.

Volex is proud to be a longtime strategic investment partner now and into the future as Kepler SignalTek continues to innovate and reach new manufacturing heights.


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