New Surface Mount Assembly Materials

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These new products include thermal interface materials (TIM), potting compounds, epoxy adhesives, and other materials. They can be applied to assemblies using manual or automated placement and dispensing methods.Thermal Interface Compound

SARCON SPG-30A is a high-viscosity thermal interface silicone compound designed to efficiently transfer heat from a board-level source to a heatsink or heat spreader. This high-performance material offers a thermal conductivity of 3.2 W/m°K and improved handling characteristics compared to traditional thermal grease and potting materials. The product is a thermal management option for electronic devices that operate at higher frequencies. SARCON SPG-30A exhibits near-zero compression force and conforms to all component shapes and sizes, suiting applications where it must fill large gaps around fragile circuit board solder points without causing damage or loss in performance. The form stable thermal compound requires no heat curing, will not cause corrosion on metal surfaces, and maintains all initial properties across a temperature range of -40° to +150°C). The thermal interface material is available in 30cc tubes, 330cc cartridges, and 10L pails.  Fujipoly America Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Polymer Industries Co. Ltd. of Japan,

Long-pot-life Potting Epoxy

Master Bond’s EP29LP-1 potting compound offers long pot life, good compound flow, and easy set up. This low-exotherm, electrically insulating potting epoxy exhibits high shear bond strength and resistance to thermal shock and chemicals. EP29LP-1 is a low-viscosity, optically clear epoxy that adheres to many substrates, including optical fibers and fibrous reinforcements such as glass, aramid, and graphite. Its low viscosity speeds impregnation and facilitates air release. The availability of versatile cure schedules- ambient temperature or accelerated elevated temperature cures, further simplifies manufacturing applications. Master Bond,

Low-silicone Thermal Gap Filler

 TP-S3LS is an ultra-low-silicone gap filler for thermal interface applications. TP-S3LS pads contain <50 ppm of silicone while providing 3.0 W/m°K of themal conductivity between hot components and heatsinks. The gap filler’s minimal silicone content makes it suitable for use in silicone-sensitive applications including medical electronics, laser optics, and telecommunications where silicone-based outgassing can lead to contamination and condensation issues or leave oily residues that interfere with process applications. The TP-S3 family of materials was developed by Chang Sung Corp. and is manufactured by Dongyun Electronics in South Korea. Pads of TP-S3LS material are soft and compliant for easy compression and filling of air gaps between between irregular mating surfaces. The material’s Shore 00 hardness is 55. TP-S3LS pads can be used in temperatures up to 200°C, which exceeds the use range of silicone-free gap fillers. The material has a UL 94 flame class rating of V-0. Its dielectric breakdown voltage is more than 5.0 kV. The TP-S3LS gap filler material is available in 210 × 297 mm (8.3 × 11.7″) sheets or die-cut parts. Standard sheet thicknesses range from 0.5 to 5.0 mm (0.020 to 0.196″). An optional fiberglass liner is available on 0.5 mm (0.020″) thick pads where added handling strength is needed. MH&W International

Low-shrinkage Clear Epoxy

EP30LV-1 is a low viscosity, optically clear epoxy offering good dimensional stability and low shrinkage. The two-part epoxy compound is formulated to cure at room temperatures with linear shrinkage of 0.0003 inches/in. Master Bond EP30LV-1 forms powerful bonds with both similar and dissimilar materials. These high strength and rigid bonds are resistant to chemicals as well as cold sterilants, ETO, and gamma radiation. Master Bond’s EP30LV-1 is especially recommended where low viscosity is required for ease of application and bonded assemblies must exhibit superior dimensional stability. Master Bond,



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