SMTAI Exhibitor Preview II

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SMTA International will take place October 4–8 in San Diego, with the exhibit hall open October 6 and 7. Many companies are exhibiting new products introduced in 2009, as well as flagship products and those specific to the SMT market.

Solder Pastes and Solder Paste StencilThe pastes feature high-volume repeatability with 16-mm pitch QFP pads and 12-mm circles, as well as excellent response to one-hour pause, after two knead strokes at 35–65% RH. All pastes feature IPC 7095 Class III resistance to voiding using both straight ramp and soak reflow profiles. NC670 no-clean solder paste offers excellent resistance to hot and cold slump, resulting in minimal bridging and excellent wetting characteristics on all pad finishes. It produces clear, minimal residue, shiny tin/lead solder joints, and excellent solder spread on all common pad finishes. The no-clean paste is compatible with 63/37, 62/36/2 alloys with Type 3, 4 and 5 solder meshes. It suits applications showing pin testability issues and cosmetic residue issues with SMQ92J. NL930 lead-free, no-clean solder paste meets difficult wetting requirements, improves stencil life, and provides good cosmetics, especially with SN100C. NL930 is compatible with SN100C and SAC alloys with Type 3, 4 and 5 solder meshes. WS159 water-soluble solder paste is designed for good solder spread and wetting with better resistance to environmental conditions and better stability than WS150. WS159 is engineered to work with 63/37, 62/36/2 alloys with Type 3, 4 and 5 solder meshes. It counteracts stencil life issues, post-cleaning residue/cosmetics issues, and cosmetic (shine) issues. WS177 lead-free, water-soluble solder paste offers good solder spread and wetting for lead-free solder pastes. It is compatible with SN100C and SN97C alloys with Type 3,4 and 5 solder meshes. It addresses stencil life issues, cosmetic (shine) issues, and microcracks.

The UltraSlic FG solder paste stencil offers paste release below surface area ratios of 0.5. Using the latest stencil laser technology and Datum Alloys’ new Fine Grain stencil material, exclusively distributed by Ed Fagan Inc., UltraSlic FG stencils reportedly offer improved aperture registration, higher performance, and lower cost compared to electroform; the option of step stencils; and the option of same day turnaround times. FCT Assembly, Booth 417.

Rework System and X-ray Inspection SystemSummit 1100 is the benchmark rework system for the VJ Electronix Summit series. It incorporates innovative high-level, semi-automatic surface mount and microelectronics rework technology. SierraMate software with intuitive 1-2-3-GO operator interface and Auto Profile maximizes usability. The system reworks complex area-array components (BGAs, micro-BGAs, flip chips, CCGAs), including lead-free alloys. It handles assemblies up to 22 × 30″ and a range of component sizes.Vertex 130 is a versatile, all-purpose X-ray inspection system with a 20 × 24″ inspection area, configurable for manual and automatic X-ray examination. An on-board sample navigator aids product positioning. Vertex 130 is configured with Nexus 300 X-ray software and analysis tools, providing intuitive manual operation or automated inspection routines. Nexus 300 image processing includes Advanced Defect Enhancement, pseudo color, edge detection, BGA (area, circularity, voiding), and large-area analysis. For traceability in a production environment, a barcode reader is integrated. VJ Electronix Inc., Booths 303 and 305.

Solder Reflow Ovens Pyramax solder reflow ovens reportedly offer thermal performance, versatility, and value, with optimized lead-free processing. BTU’s closed-loop convection control provides precise heating and cooling control, constant heat transfer, maximum process control, and reduced nitrogen consumption. The Pyramax series is available with 6, 8, 10 and 12 zone air or nitrogen models, 400°C maximum temperature, flexible platform configuration, low nitrogen and power consumption, and comprehensive options. BTU International (Nasdaq: BTUI), Booth 406.

Cleaning Agent and Cleaning Bath AnalyzerVIGON N 501 is a MPC Technology-based cleaning agent developed for use in spray-in-air in-line and batch cleaning processes at concentrations as low as 5%. It removes a range of flux residues from electronic assemblies under pH-neutral conditions, and demonstrates high material compatibility on sensitive materials such as aluminum, brass or nickel, plastics, labels, and inks. ZESTRON Bath Analyzer helps maintain the “actual” cleaning bath concentration. The ZESTRON Bath Analyzer is confirmed to be almost as accurate as the gas chromatography method without the need for the GC investment. Furthermore, this method eliminates titration and refractive index measuring drawbacks. ZESTRON, Booth 512.

AOI SystemsThe FX-Series AOI features advanced 5-megapixel color camera technology and Fusion Lighting, offering high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage and a low false failure rate. With one top-down viewing camera and four side viewing cameras, the FX-Series inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly. Programming typically takes less than 30 minutes to create a complete inspection program including solder inspection. The FX-Series utilizes a standard package library to simplify training and ensure program portability across manufacturing lines. Color inspection, normalized correlation, and rule-based algorithms provide inspection coverage. The systems are configurable for paste, pre-/post-reflow, and final assembly inspection. Off-line programming maximizes machine utilization and real-time SPC monitoring is available. YESTech, a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN), Booth 503.

Lab ServicesSTI’s Engineering Services Department will feature analytical, microelectronics, IC/DT and contract manufacturing lab services. This division is a technical organization that provides engineering support for electronics manufacturing. STI’s Prototype and Development Lab is a full-service design review and pre-production facility for product design and manufacturability analysis to pre-production prototype and development. As problems arise in the manufacturing process, the Analytical Lab can characterize materials, detect failure modes, and perform exploratory analysis of products or processes. The Contract Engineering Services group handles technical challenges including hardware reviews, design validation, and production readiness assessments. The company’s Training Resources Department will feature IPC courses, training kits and a BGA reballing kit at the show. Standardized training kits are used in certification programs for industry segments such as IPC, NASA, commercial, and company-unique programs. STI Electronics Inc., Booth 300.

Low Temperature Baking CabinetThe McDry MB-302 cabinet conforms to IPC-J-STD 033B specifications, maintaining a baking temperature of 40 degrees C and under 5% RH level to bake and recondition moisture-sensitive components (MSDs). This system also acts as a storage cabinet when not in baking mode. Seika Machinery Inc., Booth 617.

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