BOM Products: Components, Circuits, and Associated Services

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Following are the bill of materials (BOM) products recently released by component manufacturers, PCB suppliers, connector companies, and other industry suppliers, including Wall Industries, Vishay, Hirose, Premo, Aimtec, and Screaming Circuits.

High-sensitivity Coil for Hearing AidsPremo enlarged its telecoil family with the TC0502 series, a high-reliability and sensitivity coil for application in hearing aids developed according to ISO/TS16949:02 and ISO9001:2000. The telecoil is wound with thin copper wires up to 0.012-mm diameter and inductance values between 40 and 270mH. The TC0502 achieves a high sensitivity to magnetic field in 1kHz (operation frequency in this kind of devices).The ferrite core material provide a stable performance in a wide range of temperature (-10° to +40°C). The SMD configuration allows an easy integration in an automatic PCB assembly process. These components, included in most of existing hearing aid devices, work as magnetic field sensor, turning the magnetic field into electric voltage as a standard microphone does with the acoustic energy. Premo Group,

Wet Tantalum CapacitorsThe M34 and M35 devices offer a capacitance range of 1.7 µF at 125 V to 220 µF at 6 V, ±20% standard capacitance tolerance. The capacitors operate at up to +125°C with voltage derating. The devices have a higher ripple current capability than other electrolytic types with similar combinations of capacitance and case size. In addition, the M35 features a 3 V reverse voltage capability at +85°C. Suiting power supplies in all avionics, military, and space applications that currently use Vishay's ST -T1 (M34) or 135D- C/T1 (M35) case ratings, the devices' new surface-mountable case allows designers to eliminate the thru-hole components on their PCB. The capacitors offer tin/lead or 100% tin (RoHS-complaint) terminations. Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,

60619-hirose.jpgFlex Cable ConnectorsDesignated the FH12 Series, these FPC/FCC connectors are available with contact pitches of 0.5 and 1.0 mm, and are designed for ease of use, space savings, and reliability. The proprietary half tuning fork contacts maintain the required standard force without relying on the connector housing, reportedly ensuring long-term reliability. The flip-lock actuator also eliminates the need for a side latch, allowing users to place two or more connectors side by side to maximize board space. The flip-lock actuator requires 6.9N of force to lock as compared to 39.2N for a comparable FPC/FFC connector. The flip lock also has a mounted PCB height of 2.0 mm. The FH12 Series connectors suit use in notebook computers, printers, PDAs, digital cameras, and other applications. Available in top or bottom contact point configurations and horizontal or vertical mount styles, the FH12 connectors use typical 0.3-mm-thick FPC/FFC and one version can use 0.18-mm-thick FPC. Insulation resistance is 500 MΩ at 100VDC, with a maximum contact resistance of 50 mΩ at 1mA. Current rating is 0.5A DC, with a voltage rating of 50V AC. Operating temperature ranges from -40° to +70°C. Hirose Electric Co. Ltd,

60619-wall.jpgDC/DC ConvertersThe MDHU100 and MSHU100 Series of 2 W DC/DC converters have both medical (EN60601-1) and industrial (EN60950-1) safety approvals and are designed for high levels of isolation in a miniature gull-wing package. These converters operate over input voltage ranges of 4.5-5.5 VDC, 10.8-13.2VDC, and 21.6-26.4VDC. This series also has single and dual output models available. The MDHU100 series is housed in 0.94× 0.54" × 0.34" dual in-line package and the MSHU100 series is housed in a 0.94 × 0.54 × 0.35" surface mount package. Additional features include low leakage current, 4000VAC I/O isolation, and MTBF > 2,000,000 hours. These converters suit distributed power systems, mixed analog/digital subsystems, portable test equipment, local power networks, battery-backed systems, etc. Wall Industries Inc.,

60619-aimtec.jpgDC/DC ConverterThe AM2L-NZ series of 2-W SMD DC/DC converters are designed in a 17.78 × 17.78 × 6.00 mm package. With input voltages of 5 or 12 VDC and single and dual output voltages include 5, 9, 12 or 15 VDC, the AM2L-NZ offers input/output isolation of 1,000 VDC, providing source to load protection and allows reverse polarization of load voltage. High efficiency rates of up to 85% help maximize battery lifetime and minimize unwanted heat generation. Operating within a temperature range of -40&176 to +85°C at full power without derating or forced air cooling, the AM2L-NZ series offers a cold start-up temperature of -40°C and a MTBF of >3,500,000 hour, suiting outdoor applications. They are RoHS compliant for global use. Aimtec Inc.,

Short Run/Small Lot Production ServiceThis service targets companies with low-volume, hard-to-source production requirements, at a lower cost than quickturn services. The service focuses on products with short lifecycles or annual quantities of a few hundred or few thousand. The volumes in these projects typically don't support extensive tooling or non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost. The majority of these projects don't fit well in traditional electronics manufacturing services (EMS) business models because of the combination of the need for speed and short project length. They also may involve technology or support not found in small job shops that can be supported by sister companies the Milwaukee Electronics Companies (MEC) family. Short-Run customers are able to use Web- or phone-based rapid quotation, ordering, and production execution infrastructure. There are no NRE or set-up charges, volume commitments, or contracts. Customers select their delivery dates, which can be as short as a 10-day turn. Faster turns are handled through the quickturn prototype service. If a project's volume grows to the point where it fits a traditional EMS business model, it can easily be migrated to sister company MEC. Screaming Circuits,

Bulk Metal Foil and Z-Foil ResistorsFour new conformally coated, cost-effective, high-precision Bulk Metal Foil and Z-Foil resistors offer high accuracy and faster rise time when compared to other resistor technologies: 1 ns, effectively without ringing. The Foil VSH and VSC and Z-Foil VSHZ and VSCZ offer a low typical TCR of ±2 ppm/°C and ±0.2 ppm/°C from ­55°C to +125°C, +25°C ref, respectively. The resistors offer tolerances to ±0.01%, and a load life stability of 0.01% (100 ppm) at +70°C after 2,000 hours at rated power. The devices offer a resistance range of 5 Ω to 120 kΩ, a voltage coefficient of <0.1 ppm/V, and a low current noise of < -42 dB. Like all Vishay Foil resistors, the VSH/Z and VSC/Z are not restricted to standard values, and can be supplied with as required values. The resistors feature a power rating of 300 mW at +70°C, with a maximum working voltage of 300 V. The VSH/Z and VSC/Z have a thermal stabilization time of <1 sec. They are built to handle unconventional environmental conditions with minimal drift, with high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, mechanical shock, and vibrations. Typical applications include DC/DC converters, feedback circuits, and high-precision amplifiers in test and measurement instrumentation; laboratory, industrial, and medical systems; electron beam applications; commercial and military avionics; audio systems; and down-hole drilling instrumentation. A proprietary Bulk Metal Foil element with known and controllable properties is applied to a special ceramic substrate. A resistive pattern is then photo etched by an ultra-fine technique. The devices' etched planar construction results in the low and reproducible reactance needed for high-frequency and pulse applications. Z-Foil resistors, such as the VSHZ and VSCZ, provide a low absolute TCR that changes little over the full temperature range. Vishay Foil resistors are enhanced by post manufacturing operations (PMO). The Foil resistor load-life curve shows an increase in resistance from the first load application, but flattens out to no change after 500 to 1,000 hours of loading. This knee in the load-life curve can be removed by a special accelerated load-life operation, resulting in a flat response immediately after installation. The VSH/Z and VSC/Z resistors withstand electrostatic discharges of up to 25 kV for increased reliability and offer a noninductive (< 0.08 µH), noncapacitive design. The devices are available with lead-free and tin/lead alloy terminations. Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,



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