Pre-show Preview: IPC APEX Expo

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These new and legacy products include modular pick-and-place systems, factory-level software, PCB handling trays, and more tooling, equipment, and materials for electronics assembly that will be displayed at the IPC APEX Expo, March 31 through April 2 in Las Vegas.

Cost-effective Placement SystemSIPLACE D-Series is designed for cost-conscious manufacturers. It uses the same digital vision system as the SIPLACE X-Series along with the latest Siplace station software. The SIPLACE D-Series is available with one, two, three, or four gantries as the SIPLACE D1, D2, D3 and D4 models. Its off-line Vision Teaching Station lets users map and describe new component shapes offline, without interrupting the production line. Since the Vision Teaching Station's camera and lights are identical with those in the machine, all components are measured the same as on the actual production lines. The systems offer flexible dual transport, flexible configuration, and can be combined on a line. Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems LLC (SEAS), Booth 1458.

60690-productionsolutionssz.jpgProduction Solution's RED-E-SET SZ.

Assembly Support ToolingThe RED-E-SET SZ autoset provides next-generation automatic board support. It will be showcased in one of Juki's machines (located in Juki's Booth 759) as well. The Vacuum Box RED-E-SET is designed for MPM printers with the vacuum box. The RED-E-SET high-density units target applications where the PCB is highly panelized with many cutouts. The higher density of pins at 0.350" spacing provides support. The RED-E-SET LP24 supports boards up to 24" long. The RED-E-SET HP (High Profile) assists in printing and placement stages for those boards with extra tall components on the underside of the board. The topside flattening tool RED-E-SET Topside Tooling allows manufacturers to flatten a PCB prior to board support setup, ensuring total flatness. RED-E-SET QuickSet enables users to snap in the RED-E-SET supports for simplified and faster mounting. RED-E-SET autoset is an automated inline system, providing hands-free operation for tool-less locking of the support tooling and reduced changeover and set up time. Production Solution, Booth 1965.

60690-valordashboard.jpgValor's dashboard.

Factory-management Software SystemDesigned for line operators, production managers, process engineers, production planners, and equipment maintenance personnel, the vManage dashboards display key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify trends or patterns in-progress and help derive the insights needed for early corrective action. The Line Level Dashboard ensures production flow by providing the SMT workforce with real-time information on current performance and work order status, level of components consumed, MSD alerts, and more. It measures OEE, changeover time, first pass yield, nozzle/feeders errors by specific ID numbers, and more. The Plant Level Dashboard tracks performance of multiple assembly lines, WIP, and full metrics of KPIs focused on factory performance, asset utilization, product quality and the productivity of the shop floor workforce. Configurable data connectors pull information from various user databases and enterprise solutions, including XML files and/or Web services, plus an API to control and pull selectable data from Valor's vManage and vCheck MES database. The Dashboard Designer toolkit creates custom templates or can modify dashboard templates according to user needs. Also at the booth will be the debut of 3DTV video technology. Valor Computerized Systems Inc., Booth 1373.

Multifunctional Pick-and-place SystemThe FLX2011 pick-and-place series suits high-mix SMT production and features 01005 chip placement capabilities. It also offers a large application range, allows production changes without downtime, and features high resolution measurement. The machine is available in a standard size with a feeder capacity up to 190 feeders, and as a large model and with or without conveyor systems and a capacity up to 310 feeders. The board size for both machines is 400 × 300 mm. It can be expanded to an FLX2021 or FLX2031 system for higher speed and feeder capacity. Additionally, the FLX2011 offers maximum speeds of more than 5,000 CPH (IPC 9850). Upgrades include the external Component Verification Unit (CVU) and the tower storage system. A virtual-view function allows test and correction of a program without placing a component. Easyplacer, the system's operation software, features a graphic interface and is continuously updated and improved in cooperation with the customer. Additionally, the Internet-based remote maintenance system facilitates short problem solving time and saves traveling expenses for experts. Essemtec, Booth 243.

ConveyorsYoung Jin's line of conveyors include several models and options. The Link Conveyor is designed to connect each piece of equipment in the SMT line through a SMEMA interface. Featuring a slim, round design and double base plate structure, this model offers an applied diverse conveyor rail length. Numerous options are available including a motorized auto-width control system, ESD top safety cover, motorized conveyor speed control, PCB cooling fan, a slide guide type of lower shelf for part containment and more. The Sliding Conveyor connects equipment when the standard lane is different from one process to the next. This model features a SMEMA interface, slim round design, double base plate structure, buzzer alarm function, ESD top safety cover and an applied diverse conveyor rail length. It also has timing belt adoption and options such as motorized auto-width control system, motorized conveyor speed control and touch-screen operation. The Shuttle Conveyor connects one lane to two lanes. Double base plate structure, a buzzer alarm function, SMEMA interface, a slim round design, LM guide, timing belt adoption, and a diverse conveyor rail length and sliding stroke are standard. It uses a slide method with a stepping motor for precise control. ESD top safety cover, touch-screen operation, motorized conveyor speed control and a motorized auto-width control system are optional. The Gate Conveyor is designed to allow the operator to pass directly through the SMT line. Also featuring a SMEMA interface, slim round design, buzzer alarm function, a double base plate structure, and timing belt adoption for low noise and low vibration, this model also offers an applied diverse conveyor rail length, a cover design that keeps it safe from dust and mote, and a slide method that uses an inverter for control. Options include a motorized auto-width control system, work table, motorized conveyor speed control and touch screen operation. Also showcased at the booth will be the Array Conveyor, which arranges PCBs transferred from a belt or mash conveyor using electric pressure; the Turning Conveyor, which connects one process to another when PCB flow changes 90° or 180° and the Wave Soldering In/Out Conveyor, which supplies and transfers PCBs located in the front/rear part of the soldering equipment. Seika Machinery Inc., Booth 1035.

60690-fnksystek.jpgFNK Systek's PCB trays.

Flat PCB TraysThese flat PCB trays for in process work hold up to 25 0.12"-thick cards at 0.65" pitch. The trays are lightweight and sturdy, designed for storage and transport at manual workstations. These trays will hold most PCB sizes. As with all transport racks, these are made of conductive material, temperature rated up to 176°F. Cards can be fixed side by side for longer PCB panels. FKN Systek Inc., Booth 2114.

PCBsDemonstrating high-technology quickturn PCBs, the company will also discuss its 98% on-time performance and quality level. They have PCB fabrication facilities in Arizona and Washington. Prototron Circuits, Booth 1911.

Screen Printer and Mounter SeriesThe SMP200 screen printer is a three-sigma system in the Samsung SM Series of products that includes the SM411 dynamic chip shooter and SM421 advanced flexible mounter with STF100S Zero-Impact side tray feeder. The SMP200 includes a high-precision stencil-to-board vision alignment for accurate paste deposition and an automatic PCB conveyor width adjustment. A patented PCB alignment and clamping system and the Samsung Advanced Stencil Separation Control work with an auto-leveling squeegee head system. The integrated under-stencil stencil wiping system with wet/dry/vacuum capability and 2d post-print inspection system help keep your process under control by first identifying partially clogged apertures and then removing unwanted materials returning the stencil to the desired operating condition. The SM Series includes the SMP200 and SMP400 Screen Printers; SM310, SM320, SM321, SM411 and SM421 placement systems. When combined with the SRF reflow soldering system Samsung/Dynatech offers complete, turnkey solutions to SMT production from high mix to high volume needs. Dynatech Technology, Booth 2135.

60690-jukisolder.jpgJuki's FlexSolder W510.

Mini-wave Selective Soldering SystemFlexSolder W510 is a mini-wave that handles boards up to 510 × 510 mm. FlexSolder W510 uses established selective soldering technology with a flexible design that allows the machine to be assembled anywhere, and to allow complete option upgrades in the field. It can have multiple mini-wave nozzles soldering simultaneously or running separately using two different-size nozzles. The benefit is that a nozzle as small as 1.8 mm can be used for tight areas (1 mm away from SMD or other components) on densely populated boards and a larger nozzle for making single passes on large connectors. This adds flexibility to the process, allowing various soldering options with no changeover. Juki Corporation, Booth 759.

60690-inovaxinokit.jpgInovaxe's INOKIT.

Inventory Control SoftwareINOKIT software is designed to increase visibility, present actionable data, minimize inventory liabilities, and reduce costs. The software was developed to support lean manufacturing techniques. It combines software with material handling equipment to manage inventory from incoming stock to inventory for automatic and manual operations. INOKIT eliminates the need for material kitting by a virtual kitting function. Each package is assigned to one location in the system. The software works for segregation of RoHS and non-RoHS-compliant components and assemblies. A load line function reduces set up times. INOKIT can be integrated to existing software systems. Inovaxe Corp., Booth 448.

Semiautomatic SMT Prototyping SystemThe EXPERT-SAFP SMT batch and prototyping station guides operators with directly imported layout and bill of materials (BOM) data. The pick-and-place head is air suspended. The EXPERT-SAFP placement system can be connected with a computer control to work in a semi-automatic mode. Placement data can be converted directly from the CAD file. It picks from reels and sticks, and from rest tape strips as well as loose components. A turning station for upside-down components is standard. Additionally, the placement system is available as a complete prototyping station, including a dispenser and a reflow tool. It also features integrated vision and placement system MPL3100 for leadless-package and fine-pitch alignment. Its double-prism optical system can display the component and the substrate overlaid on one screen. Essemtec, Booth 243.

60690-cyberopticsflex.jpgThe Flex HR from CyberOptics.

High-resolution Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) SystemFlex HR is an enhanced-resolution AOI system with inspection performance for 01005 components and larger. High-speed, it suits assembly lines producing a wide range of products, including memory, notebook, mobile phone, and automotive assemblies. Base system features include high-speed pre- and post-reflow inspection capabilities, and proprietary SAM vision technology that learns as the process varies providing the lowest escape and false-call rate combination in the industry. This software also enables inspection on any component or feature such as chips, ICs, empty locations, lead-free solder joints, gold fingers, connectors, clips, and screws. Recent system enhancements include barcode reading with system cameras, dual-stage defect review and repair, and lot management improvements, along with an easy-to-use operator user interface (OUI). The new OUI for inspection and defect review provides operators a simple, intuitive graphical user interface with a look and feel similar to the user interface on the CyberOptics' SE 300 solder paste inspection machine. CyberOptics Corporation, Booth 2071.

Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI) SystemThe X-Series AXI system provides electronics manufacturers advanced 3D inspection capability for fast and complete inspection of PCBs with BGAs and other hidden solder joints. The X3's proprietary imaging technology rapidly gathers multiple oblique images of the sample to construct a 3D rendering for both single- and double-sided boards. It will selectively use 2D or 3D X-ray inspection technology on specific regions of a board to provide balanced defect detection, double-sided inspection, and high throughput. Programming typical allows a complete inspection program to be created by operators in less than 45 minutes. YESTech, a Nordson company, Booth 445.



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