Top Companies in Printed Electronics

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Printed electronics change everything from medical end products to product packaging. Two recent reports from Publications and IDTechEx discuss the companies developing and commercializing printed electronics for consumer products, e-displays, solar cells, and other electronics. Publications released "Printed, Organic and Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players and Opportunities." The report looks at all thin film photovoltaics, relevant display technologies, and other related fields. It covers electronics which are printed, organic and/or flexible now, and those that will be. Realistic timescales, case studies, existing products, and the emergence of new products are discussed, as are impediments and opportunities in the future.

Peter Harrop, chairman, IDTechEx, published "Business Applications for Printed Electronics." An excerpt follows: The commercialization of printed electronics has progressed from conductive patterns to batteries, displays, sensors, resistors, solar cells, lighting and transistor circuits, increasingly in combination. Membrane keyboards for personal electronics have long been made in the hundreds of millions using printed silver as have the RFID antennas of Checkpoint Systems and others. Fully printed electronics has appeared in the billions of battery testers made by Avery Dennison and sold on Duracell batteries. More recently, printed electrophoretic displays have sold in the form of e-books. Eight companies print ac electroluminescent displays and lighting on flexible plastic film, some being several meters across. In 2009, several leading consumer goods companies have set up multidisciplinary teams to explore how these new technologies can enhance brands in many ways. For more information, contact the author at



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