Henkel Malaysia Recognized for Productivity

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IPOH, Malaysia The National Productivity Corporation (NPC) awarded Henkel's Malaysian operations with the country's 2006 Productivity Award.

A statutory body under Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, NPC evaluates participating companies' productivity effectiveness and improvement initiatives. The awards program evaluates qualitative and quantitative aspects of productivity performance, deriving 70% of the total score quantitative performance ratios of labor and capital productivity, capital intensity, process efficiency, labor cost per employee, and unit labor cost. The remainder is based on qualitative analysis of company productivity improvement initiatives, use of machinery and equipment, product and service development, technical efficiency, and productivity management. A team of auditors evaluates companies during a day-long, on-site assessment, and includes staff interviews.

Henkel placed first in the Multinational Corporation category and received the award during a ceremony at the Sheraton Subang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Participating in the program generated teamwork and corporate awareness, said Jason Lee, general manager of Henkel's Ipoh manufacturing site, which was established in 1982.



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