Shenzhen Office Services Offshore Customers

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WESTMORELAND, N.H. Polyonics Inc, which manufactures harsh-environment labels and industrial product markings, opened an office in Shenzhen, China. The company operates a U.S. facility in New Hampshire, and Asian offices in Shanghai, China; and Singapore.

The Shenzen sales office is opening at Convention Times Center Exhibition Building, in the Futian district. Contact information for the location may be requested from the company.

Asian expansion supports global delivery, said Bruce Smith, president of Polyonics, adding that several customers have migrated to the region. To demonstrate the volume of product moving to the region, Jim Williams, a Polyonics representative, said, "in 2001 we exported 10%, roughly. In 2005 we exported about 45%." Smith believes that cultivating business in the Asia/Pacific region will lower cost and redefine the company's footprint.



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