Heatsinks Cool Freescale Processors

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NORWOOD, Mass. Two heatsink solutions, developed over the course of a year by Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), feature aluminum fins that exploit all available air inside cabinets, blade servers, and rack-mount chassis. "Although they were originally developed for Freescale MPC 8641D dual-core processors, both are available to the open market for applications with similar thermal management requirements," said Ray Santos of ATS. The Juneau and Anchorage heatsinks are members of the Alaska line.

The ATS-405 Juneau active heatsink incorporates an integral fan that blows air through a linear field of flat aluminum fins. Providing 0.51°C/W with thermal grease, the heatsink provides an 18% margin of safety over the Freescale processor's requisite of 0.7°C/W under given load and die-area specifications. Screw-mounted to a PCB, the assembly reaches 54.9 mm high.

The passive heat sink, ATS-474 Anchorage, uses 26 varied-size, spaced, and angled fins to cool processors in restricted height enclosures. The Anchorage shows thermal resistance of 1.05°C/W in 100 LFM air velocity. In 400 LFM conditions the product demonstrates 0.49°C/W resistance. The assembly is 30.6 mm tall and also screw-mounts.



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