Solder Alloy Meets Mil/Aero Requirements

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EAST SUSSEX, U.K. SJ7 solder alloy from Almit Technology Ltd. is characterized by mechanical capabilities typical for use in military and aerospace applications. The paste offers improvements in tensile- and creep-strength properties over traditional tin/lead solders at room and elevated temperatures.

During testing, solder pieces were held under a constant temperature of 100°C the paste's recorded time-to-rupture exceeded 4,500 hours; a tin/lead solder reached 150 hours before rupturing, noted the company. The product also exhibited adequate wetting capabilities and yield. A refined grain structure increases mean time prior to failure during thermal cycling. Almit developed SJ7 to meet product reliability and consistency requirements in these fields, said Chris Ward. Harsh environments, thermal cycling, and high strain were considered in developing the product.

Available in both paste and wire, the SJ7 displays reliable printing, slump and reflow properties. The solder paste is supplied with a rosin mildly activated (RMA) flux. The wire is available in diameters down to 0.5 mm for use with small components. SJ7 products can be cleaned with designated solvent and semi-aqueous systems.



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