Vapor Phase System Intros in North America

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KONIGSBRUNN, Germany The vapor phase soldering process enables thermal control and low ΔT's across complex circuits. A-tek will distribute the Asscon Vapor Phase Technology, from Asscon System Technik, Königsbrunn, Germany, to the North American market. This technology incorporates an inert liquid with a boiling point at or slightly above the desired soldering temperature, creating a vapor blanket that through the process of condensation onto the circuit heats the circuit homogeneously. This is said to eliminate elevated ramp rates or differentials between large and small components.

Phase-change condensation at the surface of the solder lasts until the assembly reaches the vapor temperature. Asscon's VP 1000 vapor soldering machines feature automatic solder break (ASB), ΔT of < 2˚C, and temperature gradient control (TGC). Pre-heat and reflow occur in an oxygen-free environment. Transferred heat within the system is linear to the supplied heating energy, reportedly making the machine environmentally viable and boosting control and energy efficiency.

Due to the vapor phase soldering process, the VP 1000 is said to eliminate problems with shadowing effects and color sensitivity, and can work more efficiently than traditional reflow machines. The machine is available in batch or inline configurations. The batch system targets sample and small-batch production. Machine loading and start of the solder process are handled manually, but automation systems are available for the solder process.

The inline-condensation-reflow soldering machines feature TGC and automatic solder-temperature identification. The machines can be integrated into any automatic inline process for the production of complex, high-density boards or complicated components. They also target high-mass circuit and large backplane production. Inline machines have separate conveyors for loading, pre-heating, and cooling of the PCBs, arranged in the direction of the process. A standard SMEMA interface is also available.



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