Placement Verification Tool Uses Laser-cut Process

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The AccuCheck ESD inspection template from Photo Stencil uses a laser-cut process for component verification and pin placement, reportedly providing a cost-effective alternative to automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment.

The standard turn time for plastic laser-cut templates is 24-48 hrs, depending on data verification. Finished product dimensions include a 1" border on all sides from the edge of the PCB outline, with maximum dimensions of 32 × 20". AccuCheck ESD suits all board types, including SMT, pin thru-hole technology (PHT), and combinations of both.

When polarity markings are requested, Photo Stencil can place indicators, such as plus signs, circles, or half-circles, according to the silk screen data. However, polarity-indicator placement may be unavailable due to structural integrity or spacing constraints.

Template material is static-dissipative plastic with a surface-resistivity value of 107–1011 Ω per square, and a thickness of 0.03" ± 0.001". Text is half-etched and backfilled with contrasting material, and apertures are centered on the material, unless specified otherwise.



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