MCA Service Verifies Placement Accuracy

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HUDSON, N.H. — CeTaQ Americas' Machine Capability Analysis (MCA) service now verifies feeder and shuttle motion repeatability, using a 'smart' camera that works with CeTaQ's mobile metrology system. A feeder maintenance program ensures continued accuracy once feeder accuracy and repeatability issues have been corrected. The service and methodology also suit die feeders and picked die from cutting.

"One of the consequences of the move to lead-free assembly is less tolerance for even slight variations in placement accuracy. Components do not self-center as easily during reflow with lead-free solders," says Michael Sivigny, CeTaQ general manager. "Consequently, placement accuracy is more important than ever. While there are other aspects of pick-and-place machine accuracy addressed by our services, this approach specifically addresses issues with feeders. Our feeder calibration service is critical to ensure repeatability of pick location, feeder indexing, component location, and sprocket repeatability. This is of particular importance for handling components such as tiny 0201 and 01005 chips."

The mobile metrology system provides a third-party objective evaluation, allowing independent measurement of Cp and Cpk indices on production equipment. Software operates measurement equipment and provides statistical, specification-based results on machine quality performance, while comprehensive certification reports validate performance.



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