Omron Produces 500 Millionth MY Mini Power Relay

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Tokyo — Omron celebrated a manufacturing milestone earlier this year as the 500 millionth MY mini power relay rolled off its production lines.

Since it was first produced 37 years ago, the MY series has earned a long-lasting reputation among users as a truly versatile relay suitable not only for distribution boards and industrial control, but also for commercial equipment and housing installations.

Development of the MY relay began in 1965, when Omron's research of the industrial market identified a requirement for a new breed of power relay to meet the trend towards miniaturization, as control panels became smaller and smaller with the growing dissemination of automation. Combining this general market research with feedback from its own customers, Omron's R&D team developed a product that set benchmark standards for performance and size.

Initial targets for the MY relay were set at 10,000 per month, but the product quickly exceeded expectations, eventually becoming a global de-facto standard in automation. Patented at the time, but much copied in subsequent years, Omron's MY variant has kept ahead of the pack thanks to ongoing development. New features and functions added over the years have included an innovative relay base, LED status indicators, a push-to-test function, CR suppression, cadmium-free contacts, and faceplates for legends.

The 500 million relays produced over the last 37 years means that, on average, a new relay rolls off the production lines every 2.4 seconds. If 500 million MY relays were stacked on top of each other, they would form a tower more than 20,000km high — or a line that would stretch nearly halfway around the world.

With 20 million MY relays already produced annually at its factories around the world, Omron is currently building additional lines that will set benchmark standards for both production volumes and product quality.

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